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Mapping as Activism

Lightning talk during State of the Map Asia- 2017 in Nepal.


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a growing community of 40 million digital volunteers throughout the world. As the community is growing bigger there are challenges emerging in various dimensions. In OSM community, there are problems such as retention of contributors, strong community in all part of the world and recognition to the contributors that are supporting beyond lines and polygons.


My talk emphasized to bring together all forms of contributors, from a strong community and advocate for the challenges. With my experience reaching out to 600+ people with OSM sensitization and series of conversations with experts of this field I realized, a need of holistic framework and presented “Digital Volunteers Framework for Action, 2017” with the hope to contribute OSM community with all my capacity.


Here is the link to access my talk and presentation slides. Talk, 

Presentation slides,