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After all the difficulties Nepal faced in 2015, all of us are looking forward to a better, brighter and more positive year. So, what kind of changes do you wish to see this year? Till you ponder on this, some known personalties — who have made invaluable contribution to bring positive change in the country — share with The Himalayan Times.
Change you wish for in 2016

I would like to see Nepal giving more emphasis on hydropower, solar power and wind energy production. The goals of making the country independent of fossil fuel should be accomplished. Reconstruction, rebuilding of destroyed cultural and religious monuments should be emphasised. Ongoing protest in Tarai must end fulfilling genuine demands. Discrimination based on race, caste, ethnicity, and religion should end. I want to see Nepal following the path of sustainable development giving more emphasis on greener alternatives, promoting Nepal as a green destination of the world.

How is it possible?

In order to attain the change, an individual while doing business should give importance towards environment, economy and inclusion. If a person believes s/he shouldn’t harm the environment then the environment never gets polluted. Inclusion, economy and environment will guide people to contribute to bring change from an individual level.

Your contribution

Preserving environment by not using plastic bags and working for its effective implementation together with Environment Protection Committee (EPC=), Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology and Environment Division are my contributions. I am also working for earthquake victims by constructing resilient homes, distributing relief materials and medicines and creating leaders through impact leadership development course.
— Pradip Khatiwada, Social Activist

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